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 Matt Diamond 

– The Alchemist –

“The blows inflicted into a solid body shape the progressive energy overcoming the senses all the way to universal ecstasy”.

Matt breaks up the elements of time turning them into pure vibrations which resonate from the microcosmos expanding all the way to the macrocosmos.

Identified by the number 5, symbol of vertical evolution as elevation, change and human power.

  Jack the Bastard 

– The Hermit –

“The voice of solitude give strength to his soul, it gets to bite fate and comes back alone”.

Jack generator new experiences he retraces life reincarnating creation, overstepping the knowledge of myths and mysteries, his light closes the circle.

Represented by the number 9, symbol of accomplishment and of Man’s evolutionary journey but also permanence and uniqueness, going back to a previous state and continuously reproducing oneself.